Young girls more prone to poor psychological well-being than boys in England


According to a report, Hundreds of girls under the age of 11 are in deep distress in England but they are hiding it from their parents and teachers which is creating a significant difference between the psychological well-being of boys and girls.

An evaluation of knowledge from 15,000 secondary students by Steer Education factors to a worrying new pattern of a more and more stark divide between the mental health of girls and boys.


Experts worry this may very well be a long-lasting consequence of the Covid disaster.

The report discloses results from 92 state secondary faculties in England who responded to online survey that girls of age 11 or less had been 30% extra prone to poor psychological well being than the boys of same age.

By the age of 18, girls are twice as prone to expertise psychological well-being issues than boys.

The number of girls who tend to hide their psychological issues from the society has risen up, with 60% girls facing these issues and trying to cover them excellently earlier than the corona pandemic, in contrast with 80% now.

Between April 2021 and October 2021, the number of kids under 18 who need to take care of issues related to self-harm and drinking problems had elevated by 77% compared with the identical interval in 2019.

Simon Antwi, Steer Education’s senior training marketing consultant stated, “Schools are understandably greatly stressed by the growing numbers of students with poor mental health.


We should be particularly alarmed by the state of girls’ mental health in secondary schools, it is at a ridge, and the pandemic has deepened a worrying trend we have seen now for many years.

The growing difference between boys’ and girls’ mental health looks to be one of the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, with recovery from school closures taking a long time.

But perhaps particularly concerning is the number of girls who are now keeping their worries and fears to themselves, making it much more difficult for their teachers to identify them as vulnerable and in need of support.

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