World Citizenship Report 2023 released by CS Global Partners, Denmark ranks 1st


World’s leading Citizenship by Investment Solutions firm – CS Global Partners, recently released the World Citizenship Report 2023. The WCR report surveyed 188 countries and did a thorough evaluation based on five motivators.

Denmark has secured the first position in the WCR 2023 with an overall score of 87.6, followed by Switzerland with 87.3 scores and Finland with 86.8 scores. WCR is an industry-first endeavour to investigate the value of citizenship through the lens of global-minded individuals. Overall, the report provides an in-depth overview of the citizenships worldwide based on five motivators so that investors can choose and use their funds wisely.


This year CS Global Partners adopted a unique methodology using around 1000 global citizens to make this report. The company has been known for creating win-win solutions for governments, investors and their families for over a decade. It has successfully secured one of the top positions in the immigration industry worldwide. The company has gained the trust of High-net-worth individuals and their families looking to expand their business and take full advantage of worldwide opportunities.

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The CEO of CS Global Partners – Micha-Rose Emmett, said that this year’s edition of the WCR report was finalised after taking a unique look at the needs of global citizens. She said that citizenship is a way to ensure that individuals have the freedom to participate completely in society and pursue their goals without any judgement. CEO Emmett added that the survey found that while the research participants came from different backgrounds and had different plans, there was one need they all had in common, i.e. ‘freedom’.

The report delivers a data-intensive product highlighting the significance of nationality while showing the factors that global citizens consider when deciding to obtain citizenship. CEO Micha Rose Emmett outlined that the Caribbean countries which offer the CBI – citizenship by investment programme maintained their positions in the top 30% in 2023. These countries include St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and Saint Lucia, which offer some of the best alternative citizenship programmes in the world.

Also, the CEO expressed her gratitude and welcomed the contributions from the founder of Polymetis Professional Solutions – Andrew Skipper and a London-based tech COO of virtuall – Alan Newton, and called them “knowledgeable experts”.



The five motivators on which the World Citizenship Report 2023 is based are as follows:

– Safety and Security
– Economic Opportunity
– Quality of Life
– Global Mobility
– Financial Freedom

Picture Courtesy: World Citizenship Report

As global citizens prepare for the future, they look for freedom more than anything, and this freedom can be secured through citizenship and residency programmes. The world is evolving, and so are the people; securing alternative citizenship is becoming a new necessity for HNWIs around the world. The WCR 2023 has kept freedom as the primary need following which it has ranked Denmark at the first position with an overall score of 87.6, followed by Switzerland with 87.3 scores and Finland at 86.8 scores.

Denmark has ranked at the top in the financial freedom motivator while the country has secured second position in quality of life. It has ranked 4th in safety and security, 5th in global mobility and 7th in economic opportunities.

On the other hand, Somalia has ranked last at 152nd position with 24.9 scores. It is because the safety and security in the country are challenging, and the freedom of movement is also affected because of the security situation. The other factors, such as economic opportunities, quality of life and financial freedom, are also limited because of a lack of awareness among people.


Picture Courtesy: World Citizenship Report

Across the seven continents, the World Citizenship Report 2023 reported that several countries unexpectedly outshone their larger and more economically developed counterparts by performing outstandingly in each of the five motivators. CS Global Partners undertook three stages of evaluation to finalise the report. The first stage comprised interviews with existing global citizens and experts within the CBI industry. In the second stage, the findings from the qualitative data analysis were used to design a custom survey which was then filled out by more than 1000 mass affluent individuals from around the globe. The third and final stage included experts’ consultation and calculating final scores using official statistics.

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