Vex King recounts his awful memories of discrimination at New York bar


Indian-origin and United Kingdom-based writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his writing about how he experienced discrimination at a bar in New York.

Vex King is known for his books about self-love, awareness and positivity.


While sharing a Facebook post on his official social media handle, he wrote:-

Instead of treating others how you want to be treated, strive to treat them better than you have been treated. Practising this during times of injustice can be challenging, but it is essential for creating a better world.⁣

In April 2019, I posted on my IG stories about an incident where I experienced discrimination at a bar in New York. The only factor that set me apart from everyone else was the colour of my skin – leading me to feel as though I was being tolerated rather than welcomed.⁣

When my wife attempted to inquire to the staff member about the different treatment we were receiving, they responded with a defensive and aggressive attitude. We asked to speak with the manager, who attempted to explain the misunderstanding.

His explanation, however, was not in line with what we had witnessed. He claimed that race was not a factor and then pointed out a black employee. After twenty minutes of attempting to resolve the situation, with no progress, we decided to take our customs elsewhere.⁣
Though you may not understand or relate to this situation, you can likely recall a moment when you felt left out, overlooked, discriminated against, tolerated, or lied to. We may not always remember the details or context of our memories, but we remember the feelings associated with them. By keeping this in mind, we can ensure not to hurt others like we have been injured.⁣
Also, remember that having boundaries, holding people accountable for their actions, and moving on from those who consistently mistreat you are all important. Hold on to your kindness but don’t forget your self-worth.⁣

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