Uruguay to face Ghana after 12 years, bringing back some old bitter feelings


Luis Suarez, a striker for Uruguay, gave his thoughts on today’s Uruguay vs Ghana game. The game rekindled some ancient, hurtful memories that still sting the entire African continent.

They last met during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals. The Blackstars’ youngest roster, which was just under 23, was competing in their second World Cup. Ghana managed to get to the round of 16 despite lacking talent and experience.


Ghana spectacularly defeated the USA in the round of 16 and now is one step away from becoming the first African country to qualify for the World Cup. In the waning seconds of the quarterfinal encounter against Uruguay, the score was tied at one.

Suarez blocked the ball with his hands as Ghana nearly scored the second goal to go to the Semifinals, earning him a red card and being ejected from the match. However, Asamoah Gyan of Ghana missed the penalty shot, ending in a 1-1 draw.

Shootout penalties will be used to determine the game’s winner. Uruguay defeated all of the continent’s hopes by winning the penalty shootout 4-2. Ghana feels that had Suarez not made the questionable action, Ghana would have advanced to the 2010 World Cup semifinals.

The argument is heated because Uruguay will face Ghana again, and the winning team will ensure their spot in round 16. Luis Suarez made it plain that he was not remorseful for the handball when a Ghanaian reporter referred to him as Diablo (the Devil) and asked him how he felt about it.

Not me, the Ghanaian penalty shooter “missed the penalty shot.” “I could apologise if I hurt a guy with a tackle and got sent off, but in this case, I get sent off, and the referee calls for a penalty,” he continued.

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