UK’s PM former adviser says Boris Johnson was well known about ‘Bring Your Own Booze Party’.


London:¬†Dominic Cummings, the Former Senior Advisor of UK’s PM, has accused Boris Johnson that he lied that the ‘Booze Party’ was a work event. He was unaware of the actual possibility in 10 Downing Street garden. A rare video has come across supporting Cummings allegations against the PM.

Down Street Spokesperson reported that 11 gatherings were going on in 10 Downing Street on 20 May 2020 in the prime minister’s official residence when COVID-19 guidelines limited social gatherings.


¬†Cummings added the event was organized by Johnson’s principal private secretary (PPS) Martin Reynolds, who informed people “bring your own booze” but No 10 denies that the prime minister saw the invitation through emailed invitation.

It also denies allegations that two senior staff members warned Johnson not to proceed with the drinks event, saying it was “not true”. But Cummings wrote a new blog post that he informed Reynolds that the invitation broke the rules; he replied, “I will investigate with the Prime Minister, I’ll see if he’s happy to move on. The PM agreed it should go ahead, said cummings in his blog post.

Investigating Officer Sue Grey may make a formal request for Cummings’ interview, Whitehall sources confirmed. Contacting former staff members is subject to scrutiny if their evidence is relevant.

Cummings said the prime minister lied to parliament about the ‘booze party.’

Two other former Downing Street officials told the BBC they remembered Mr Cummings telling them that day that they had warned the Prime Minister not to proceed before the drinks were collected in the garden.

Of all the allegations of breaking down lockdown rules on Downing Street, the party has emerged as the most controversial event for Johnson.


With Tory lawmakers openly questioning Johnson’s future as party leader, there are concerns among backbenchers about the drip-drip of damaging and damaging revelations to the government.


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