UK’s MET warns, “Storm Eunice to bring heavy snow & wind”


The UK’s Meteorological (MET) department has issued a weather warning for heavy snow and blustery winds across Northern Ireland, with the possibility of delays on roads and rural communities being cut off.

It is anticipated that Storm Eunice could be the worst storm in the UK for 30 years. It could bring strong winds of up to 90mph with a risk to life. It arrives after Storm Dudley which caused widespread travel disruption and electricity cuts on Wednesday.


According to UK’s forecasters of the MET office, storm Eunice might be “one of the most impactful storms” in Britain. Meanwhile, the authorities have taken precautions by closing the schools, London Eye, Legoland, and Butlins and cancelling the train and busses so that no fatalities occur. Moreover, train services in entire wales have been suspended.

In addition, the administration of the UK also held an emergency Cobra meeting to discuss the response to the incoming storm. In addition, Borris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, said the army is on standby mode to assist those who are affected.

It arrives after Storm Dudley which caused widespread travel disruption and electricity cuts on Wednesday.

There are also concerns related to Storm Eunice’s gusts and a possible storm surge that they could combine with high spring tides to bring coastwise flooding to the west, southwest and south coast of England.

Furthermore, as per the Meteorological department’s statement, the gusts would develop over south Wales and southwest England early on Friday, with extremely strong winds between the range of 70mph to 90 mph near some coasts.

Alongside, the MET office has also released guidance for people on how to remain safe during the storm.

  • Before storm
  • Secure loose objects outside- ladders, furniture, trampolines
  • Park cars in the garage or clear of trees, fences, buildings
  • Secure windows, doors, loft hatches
  • Charge mobile phones
  • Get batteries for torches
  • During storm
  • Stay indoors as much as possible
  • Outside, don’t shelter close to trees
  • Beware side winds if towing or in a high-sided vehicle
  • Do not drive unless necessary

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