Ukraine: PM Johnson warns Putin over making ‘tragic miscalculation’


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the President of Russia Vladimir Putin via a phone call delayed since Monday that he will make a tragic miscalculation if they dare invade Ukraine.

Putin also told Johnson that Kyiv was involved in the chronic sabotage of the Minsk agreement, which was designed to reach a political agreement in eastern Ukraine, which included greater sovereignty.


A spokesperson of no.10 said that PM Johnson had expressed great concern about the Russian conflicts with the Ukrainian border. He suggested finding solutions that respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and right to self-defence.

Adding to this, the prime minister reiterated that it would be a tragic miscalculation if Russia tried to invade Ukraine again.

The phone call was delayed from Monday due to Johnson’s need to answer the Sue Gray report questions.

The Spokesperson further stated that Putin and Johnson shared words for applying the spirit of dialogue in order to find a peaceful resolution among the current frictions.

Putin and Johnson agreed that they could co-operate over Iran, Afghanistan and climate change.

He also sought to alert Putin that his apparent use of energy supplies to reward his political allies in Europe and avenge his opponents will backfire as it forces Europe to seek more authentic sources of supply.


With Britain at the forefront of nations warning about the imminence of a Russian attack, Johnson could hardly have expected a red carpet treatment, but the Kremlin tried to downplay the UK’s influence in the crisis even in advance of the call. Said Putin was happy to hold talks with anyone, even “completely confused”.

Johnson told lawmakers before the call: “We are helping to bring the West together in what I think is an entirely unacceptable threat and intimidation from the Putin regime against Ukraine.

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