UK: Woman’s hand turned like a ‘shark head’ following a surgery


In the United Kingdom, a woman’s hand looks like a ‘shark head’ after surgery performed by doctors as she was suffering from a vicious infection in her body. Sandie Kemp, aged about thirty-four-year-old posted a video on her TikTok handle in which she narrated her ordeal.

Sandie said it was beyond her expectations that over 75 million people viewed since being posted; she never thought the video would go viral.


Kemp’s problems began in December when she went to a doctor after experiencing severe abdominal and back pain. Doctors banned some painkillers and sent Kemp home but told her to come back if things got worse.

According to the Peterborough Telegraph, doctors diagnosed him with kidney stones and the next day – Boxing Day – the infection spread through his body. Doctors took him to the emergency ward to have surgery to remove the kidney stone.

The doctors found that the kidney stone had caused an infection, and it turned into triggered sepsis, a life-threatening condition in which the body attempts to fight the disease and attacks its tissues and organs.

After this, the doctors had to amputate his fingers. He sewed the hand into a pouch and into his stomach to ensure that the blood continued to flow from it.

“I first saw it, and I shook what was left of my thumb, and I was just like ‘Wow, that looked like a shark’,” Kemp said.

But she has swiftly taken to the side effect, even posting a video of her singing “Baby Shark” using her hand. It has rocked the internet. “And yet she may remain positive congratulations,” one user said on Twitter.


Kemp is currently in Peterborough City Hospital and has been told he will need to amputate his other arm and legs below his knees.




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