UK woman hospitalized over a terrible attack by a rat


A woman named Diana Kirk was left with horror injuries after a rat mauled her in her home. Kirk was fully covered with blood following the terrible torture by the rat.

Her husband and care takers, John Kirk, age about 85, discovered her at their house in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, on May 9 at 6 am.


Mrs Kirk is 76 years old and suffering from brain damage and she sleeps downstairs in a hospital bed. A team of care takers helped her husband to look after her.

Mr Kirk says he was asleep upstairs when he first heard a rat “scratching around” by his feet, saying he could not see it well given how dark it was but that it was clearly a large rodent.

He noticed it again at around 1.30am before he fell asleep and woke up as normal just before 6am. When he went downstairs and checked on his wife in their living room, he saw Diana’s injuries and called 999.

An ambulance arrived at around 8.20am. Mr Kirk said: “I’ve never seen anything like the injuries she had – you can see how bad they were from the pictures. It was absolutely savage.

“I went and knocked on the door of the young girl over the road as she is also always up early and so she helped. They took Diana to the Queen’s Medical Centre and she came back on Thursday night.

“There were scratches on her face, her neck, her hands – it had tried to gnaw right through to the bone from the looks of it. There was blood everywhere.”


The next morning the rat was trapped with the help of a neighbour and then killed with an air rifle. Mr Kirk says that the rat had tried to bite him multiple times before it was destroyed.

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