UK: Two men caught over smuggling people in horseboxes


The United Kingdom National Crime Agency (NCA) reported a case of human smuggling in horse boxes. The officials of the National Crime Agency shared the information on its official website

NCA reported two suspected members of an organized crime group were caught smuggling people in horseboxes during the raids conducted by the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom.


On Tuesday, a fifty-year-old man was captured at a commercial yard in the Gravesend, Kent. NCA officers seized the mobile phones and a vehicle at the spot.

According to the investigation conducted by the NCA officials, separate concealment was framed into the vehicles that were designed to hide the victims while crossing the borders by illegal means.

The second man, aged about 28-years-old, was captured at the Greenfields in Oswestry, Shropshire, over the suspicion of immigrating drugs and importation illegally.

Both accused were cross-examined by the NCA officials and released on bail.

Branch Commander Lydia Bloomfield said: “Our investigation is focused on an organized crime group that we suspect has been smuggling people and drugs into the UK by using concealments in horseboxes and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

“Tackling people smuggling remains a priority for the NCA, and we are currently leading more than 60 investigations into organized immigration crime. These investigations involve some of the highest harm, highest threat crime groups.


“We are determined to do all we can to disrupt and dismantle the criminal networks involved in this exploitative crime.”

Human smuggling infringes the victims’ human rights, and it impacts every country globally. National Crime Agency (NCA) reported human trafficking is increasing rapidly by more than 80%.

According to the reports, the UK government reports that 10,627 potential victims came into the country over the past five years, and it has been exploiting the domestic and foreign victims.

The NCA reported the conviction rate slightly increased within three years, from 72 percent in 2019, 74 percent in 2020 and 80 percent in 2022. The data did not differentiate the sex trafficking and labour victims.

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