UK: ‘Save the Children’ saves Ukrainian child Polina, funds her education

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The UK-based non-profit organisation ‘Save the Children’ saved a Ukrainian child Polina who now attends school in the UK but is struggling to learn and make friends due to the language barrier. The NPO is funding her education following the Russia-Ukraine war, which broke out in February 2022.

While narrating the little girl’s story, Save the Children UK said that Polina (changed name) celebrated her 8th birthday of Polina in a bunker in Bucha, a city just outside of Kyiv.

“It’s my birthday tomorrow, and we’re sitting here without light, without anything,” said Polina the evening before her eighth birthday in December.

“Despite having very little food and the city being shelled, Polina’s mum and grandma wanted to make her birthday extra special, not forgetting a cake which they baked from things they could find. Polina now attends school in the UK but is struggling to learn and make friends due to the language barrier,” said the NPO.

She dreams of returning to Ukraine to reunite with her grandmother and her home, which the non-profit organisation helped rebuild. The NPO is doing its best to save children around the world who are suffering because of natural calamities or other natural reasons such as war.

In the last 12 months, the organisation has helped over 1,104,470 people in Ukraine. In the UK and around the world, the organisation make sure to keep the children safe, healthy and learning.

Save the Children – NPO has helped 45 million children around the globe get the medicine, good food as well as education they need. The organisation consists of more than 600,000 supporters, including nurses, families, teachers and other workers.

They believe in a world where every child has an opportunity for the future they deserve and dream of, and the organisation’s motto is, “With children, for children, we change the future for good.”

Kyle Smith

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