UK reports surge in monkeypox cases, reports 104 new infections


London: As the cases of the monkeypox are rising across the globe, the health officials of the United Kingdom have confirmed that a total of 104 new cases of the monkeypox were detected in the country on Monday, June 13, 2022. 

The emergence of the new cases of the monkeypox has further brought the total tally of the cases reached to 470 cases across the nation. As per Britain’s Health Protection Agency, most the cases of the monkeypox have been detected in gay or bisexual man in the country. 


Further, Scientists from around the globe have also issued a warning and stated that everyone must be cautious as anyone can become vulnerable to infection if he comes in physical contact with someone infected with monkeypox. 

As per the data given by the United Kingdom, since the monkeypox emerged in the country, around 99 percent of the infection cases have been reported in men, and most of the cases are in London. 

As per the reports, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that around 1,285 cases of the monkeypox had been detected in 28 countries where the disease was not considered endemic. However, the countries outside Africa have not reported any deaths. The highest number of cases have been detected in Spain, Germany and Canada after Britain. 

What is a monkeypox? 

Monkeypox is a disease which is highly resembled smallpox and caused huge killings across the globe each year before its emergence in 1980. However, the disease is less severe and could be spread by close contact. It causes a high fever and chickenpox-like rash that clears up within a few weeks. 

The World Health Organisation also outlined the symptoms of the disease, such as fever, rash, and lumps which could lead to a variety of medical complications. The symptoms of the disease usually appear for two to four weeks. 


Monkeypox is spread to humans through contact with an infected person or animal or through material contaminated with the virus. It is believed that it is spread by animals such as rats, mice and squirrels.

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