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UK remians orange in travel list of France

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Jason Miller

France has modified its traffic light travel ban list, moving 23 more countries to green, including the US, but not the UK.

Some other countries terminated to the green list are Seychelles, Egypt, Brazil, Bhutan and Tunisia. The countries dealing with the lowest restrictions are Europe, America, and Africa.

Green list countries are recognized as “countries or regions with a negligible or moderate circulation of the virus, [without] concern emerging variants.”

Fully vaccinated people arriving in France from these countries only need to show their vaccination records. Unvaccinated passengers above 12 years of age will have to submit 72 hours prior PCR test result, 48 hours earlier antigen test result or recovery certificate from COVID in the last six months.

While much of the world now counts as green destinations, Britain remains on the orange list, where according to the French Interior Ministry: “An active circulation of the virus is seen, but at controlled level, with emerging concerns of without forms.”

Also on orange are China, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Mali, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Serbia.

Fully vaccinated people traveling to France from Orange-listed countries are only required to show proof of vaccination and a sworn statement confirming that they are not experiencing COVID symptoms and have had one in the last 14 days and are not in touch with confirmed cases.

Unvaccinated people over 12 years of age must also have a compelling reason for travel. They must submit PCR test results 72 hours in advance or antigen test results 48 hours to the travel operator. Certificates of recovery are not listed as valid proofs in this case.

Since February, France has not been on the red list for travel. However, suppose the COVID situation worsens in some regions of the world. In that case, the government may impose an “emergency brake” and reimpose red-list restrictions may apply, including necessary reasons for travelling.

Jason Miller

Published by
Jason Miller

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