UK raises humanitarian aid to help Ukraine’s hospitals under attack


London:  The United Kingdom has declared to send more ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine as part of continued support.    

According to the reports, the UK is sending more ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine as the UK continues its support. 


The UK is funding to help Ukraine with trained doctors to deal with mass casualties and vital medicine following the Russian attacks on Ukrainian hospitals.           

Donations are in response to a request from Ukraine’s Government as they regain access to medical facilities in frontline cities. 

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday, April 26, that new ambulances, fire engines, funding for health experts and life-saving medical supplies are being donated to Ukraine as part of the UK’s continued steadfast solidarity with the country.    

There have been more than 130 attacks on healthcare facilities since the invasion, and the UN has recorded around 4,800 civilian casualties. More than 100 fire stations and 250 fire engines have been destroyed in Ukraine.

The UK is supplying 22 new ambulances to Ukraine, and those from NHS Trusts have already announced – equipped with paramedic kits and medical grab bags. They are due to leave for Ukraine in the coming days. This is in direct response to a request from the Ukrainian government.

Two further convoys of more than 40 fire engines – packed with thousands of items of rescue equipment, including 300 fire hoses and almost 10,000 items of protective clothing – have arrived in Ukraine and are already providing vital support to firefighters on the frontline. This is the largest fire deployment ever to leave the UK.


The UK has already committed up to $1 billion in loan guarantees to support Multilateral Development Banks, such as the World Bank, to bolster Ukraine’s economy and allow the government in Kyiv to continue providing basic services. The total offer of humanitarian support to the current Ukraine crisis is around £400 million.

This goes alongside the Prime Minister’s commitment to continue providing defensive military aid, including protected mobility vehicles, drones, and anti-tank weapons to Ukraine – reiterated on a call to President Zelenskyy. 

Last week the Prime Minister announced Ukrainian personnel are being trained in the use of armoured vehicles in the United Kingdom.


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