UK: Queen to appoint new prime minister this year in Balmoral

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Jason Miller

Buckingham palace announced that Queen’s stay in Balmoral to appoint a new Prime Minister and would not move to London for the appointment.

Breaking the London appointment tradition, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit Scotland on 6 September 2022.

Ninety-six-year-old Queen has had an audience with her new prime minister at Balmoral. This decision provided certainty for the new Prime Minister’s diary.

Scotland’s appointment tradition was broken and organized as Queen Elizabeth suffered mobility issues. This decision was taken to avoid any last-minute rearrangements during the ceremony.

On Monday, 5 September, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be announced as leader of the Conservative Party.

The following day Boris Johnson will announce his resignation to the Queen Monarch and will shortly appoint his successor.

Before taking their final trip, the prime minister makes a statement outside Downing Street. After that, Monarch formally dismisses them from their role.

When the incoming prime minister is called up, the potential prime minister is called to see the Queen, and she will ask them whether they will form a government.

The Queen’s audience, with a newly appointed prime minister, plays a very crucial role as head of the state.

The change of the meeting venue does not make any constitutional difference. The meeting in Buckingham Palace does not make any difference, but it may raise questions about the Ninety-six-year-old Queen.

Queen Elizabeth took her traditional summer break in Scotland with her family. She usually stays at the estate from August to October.

The Queen suffered from covid in February and now suffers from mobility issues.

In the past seven months, Buckingham Palace has tended to confirm the Queen’s attendance at public engagements on the day, depending on how she is feeling.

Jason Miller

Published by
Jason Miller

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