UK & Poland backs Ukraine; amid Russia-Ukraine conflict


The United Kingdom, Poland and Ukraine have issued a joint statement on 17 February 2022. The joint statement was issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth Development Affairs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The statement said that all three countries share a historical bond built on common values, commitment towards peace and security, and a common history of fighting against aggressors who threaten Europe’s freedom.


The statement further said that every European State has the freedom of choosing or changing its arrangement of security which includes treaties. No state can treat any part of Europe as its area of dominance. The three nations would work in collaboration with full intensity for safeguarding, stability and building resilience in Ukraine, thus adding strength to the democracy of Eastern Europe.

To achieve this goal, the nation agreed to develop a trilateral memorandum of cooperation. The memorandum would demonstrate the commitment of the country towards further strengthening the cooperation on the strategic level as well as the engagement between them, keeping Ukraine’s issue at the top priority.

The statement added that they would work in harmony to advance cooperation, which includes coordinating support given to the International Crimea Platform, increasing joint action on energy security cyber security, and enhancing communication for countering fake information.

Britain and Poland would provide their continued support to Ukraine and stand with Ukraine in the contemporary times of Russian aggression, and both nations are fully committed to supporting Ukraine in the efforts towards defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence within the country’s international Boarders.

The statement has come amid the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. The joint statement is a declaration of support by the United Kingdom and Poland for Ukraine.

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