UK: PM Johnson administered a stark message to China amid war


LONDON-UK’s PM Boris Johnson has administered a stark message to China to request them to choose the right path amid the Russia-Ukraine war as he reasoned that Beijing gave some indications of ‘second thoughts.’

During an interview conducted on his way back from the Middle East tour, PM Johnson blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for attempting to install a new dictatorial world order and said China is at risk of being diverted to the wrong side.


Further, PM said that he had never experienced such a clear case of right and wrong and had never seen such stark division between good and evil as it was going during the Russian invasion. So people’s plight is apparent to the world, and they understand that what has been happening in the last three weeks is changing.

PM Johnson added while referring to China that some countries thought Kyiv would go through a tragedy and fall soon, considering that Putin’s war machine would pass like a knife through butter.

Moreover, he said the people against Ukraine had been denied that idea. I think for a lot of people, it’s been a psychological blow. It’s been a terrifying feeling for people who are living in a fool’s paradise. A New Way Must be to see nations like Russia.”

Back in the UK, Boris Johnson came under fire for referencing Brexit in the context of the conflict in Ukraine in his speech to the Conservative Party Spring Conference in Blackpool on Saturday.

“This is a turning point for the world. And it’s a moment of choice. It’s a choice between freedom and oppression,” Johnson said in his speech.

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