UK ‘Partygate’ Scandal: top aides quits within 24 hours


On Friday, Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson fought for his premiership in the UK following an exodus of senior aides and calls from his own party to step down.

As per the British media reports, Elena Narozanki, Boris Johnson’s special advisor on women and equalities, has become the fifth adviser to walk out the door within 24 hours.


She followed other top aides who left Downing Street on Thursday as the UK government was hit by a scandal dubbed “Partygate” and raised questions about PM Johnson’s leadership.

On Thursday, Munira Mirza, his head of policy and worked with PM for fourteen years, also resigned from her job over Jonson’s declaration that Labour leader Keir Starmer failed to prosecute

Johnson’s alleged Labour leader Keir Starmer that he failed to prosecute the paedophile lawsuit of Jimmy Savile when he was serving as director of public prosecutions (DPP).

Munira Mirza, PM’s head of policy who had worked with the ruling government for 14 years, resigned by not supporting his allegations on Keir Starmer.

Rishi Sunak, Johnson’s Finance Minister, pointedly asserted that he is not in favour to give any remarks on an ongoing matter.

Also, on Thursday night, Boris Johnson’s personal secretary, communications director and chief of staff announced their resignations from their current job role.


Those acknowledgements raised questions about Johnson’s often chaotic leadership style and posed the biggest threat to him since he took office.

Johnson confessed that problems needed to be sought out at the heart of Downing Street, which serves as both his home and the nerve centre of the British state.

While rival parties and some of Johnson’s fellow lawmakers have called on him to quit, there is concern that toppling a British leader at this time would leave the West weakened as it faces a potential military crisis in Ukraine.

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