UK: Old couple got married after being engaged for 60 years


An elder couple in the United Kingdom has finally tied the knot after a 60-year engagement. Alex Hamilton, aged about 90 years, married Jane, 89, on Saturday in a white wedding where the bride used an electric wheelchair.

The couple got together in 1962 and planned to wed but never got around to it. They fell for each other in 1956 but had to wait six years before they got together.


Alex asked Jane to marry him when she had left her first husband, and they both already had kids from previous relationships. Jane was walked down the aisle in a wheelchair by granddaughter Claire McDonald, 29, while grandson Craig McDonald, 23, made a wedding cake decorated with edible wildflowers.

Proud daughter Sally McDonald, 59, said both her parents were visibly nervous and that most people at their age were thinking about funerals, not getting hitched. Sally said: “Usually, people are thinking about funerals at this age.

“This is a major celebration, and it was really beautiful. I think Dad was quite emotional. It was the ultimate gift he had to give her was to marry her. It was almost like this was the way it should be, looking at what they have done together, and the family coming together for that celebration.”

At the time the couple met, Alex had two kids already, and Jane also was a mother-of-one – living in Birmingham while he was in Edinburgh. But they are friends with their exes, and they consider each other’s kids to be their own.

Sally said: “If we go out to dinner with them, the two of them are looking across the table at each other; they are always so cheeky – they flirt with each other. It’s like having a new boyfriend, only they’ve been like that for 60 years.”

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