UK: MP Robert Largan Opposes Asylum Dispersal Center Plan for Buxton

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Britsh Conservative Party Politician and Member of Parliament for High Peak in the United Kingdom, Robert Largan, shared the news of discussions that are being made between the University of Derby and High Peak Labour Council for converting the High Peak Halls in Buxtton into large-scale Asylum Dispersal Centre.

British Conservative Party Politician and Member of Parliament Robert Largan took to his social media on Sunday, May 28, 2023, to share some updates on the discussions that are being made between the University of Derby and High Peak Labour Council for Converting the High Peak Halls in Buxton into a Large scale Asylum Dispersal Center. The Minister shared that the University of Derby has applied to turn the old student halls into a 288-bed Asylum Dispersal Centre.

Meanwhile, Derbyshire Police have said that the location would be “unsuitable” and that “persons with existing vulnerabilities would be put at risk” if an Asylum Dispersal Centre were to open at the Buxton town centre site.

On this, MP Robert Largan talked about supporting the local police of the region and opposing these plans as Buxton town centre is the wrong place for an Asylum Dispersal Centre.

He also shared that this is a symptom of a much broader problem, as some 45,000 people illegally entered the UK by small boat last year, 2022; all travelled through multiple safe countries where they could have claimed asylum. Many came originally from safe countries like Albania. The vast majority – 66% in 2022 – were adult males under 40, rich enough to pay criminal gangs thousands of pounds for passage.
The asylum system now costs the British taxpayer £ 3 billion a year. This is unsustainable.

The Minister discussed opposing backing the Government’s new Illegal Migration Bill to tackle this issue. Under these new laws, anyone entering illegally cannot claim asylum and will be detained immediately and removed to a safe country within weeks.

Further, He also talked about bringing stricter enforcement with a new Small Boats Operational Command to crack down on criminal gangs and make return agreements with safe countries like Albania.
Frustratingly, Labour has been fighting tooth and nail against our plans, just as they opposed the deportation of foreign convicted murderers and sex offenders. Labour has no plan to stop the boats. Labour doesn’t want to control the ships.

Furthermore, The Minister also expressed his pleasure and pride in the British people’s generosity and long history of providing a haven to the world’s most vulnerable people. And have offered sanctuary to many people from Ukraine too. Still, there is nothing compassionate about tolerating illegal entry into the UK and allowing criminal gangs to exploit our broken asylum system.

Kyle Smith

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