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UK: MP Robbie Moore highlights Apprenticeships as a key to unlock growth and opportunity

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Kyle Smith

The British Conservative Party Politician and Member of Parliament for Keighley Constituency in the United Kingdom, Robbie Moore, highlights some beneficiaries of Apprenticeships Today, July 25, 2023, and marks it as a key to unlocking growth and opportunity.

The Member of Parliament for Keighley, Robbie Moore, while highlighting the importance of Apprenticeships, shared that having vocational-based skills is essential for personal and professional expansion, said, “It is so important to have a strong vocational-based skills agenda so our businesses can go from strength to strength and our young people have a range of opportunities available to them.”

He also shared about hosting a round table discussion in the Parliament with the most eligible Business leaders, policy experts and young people across the country. He shared that the discussion provided them with the opportunities that apprenticeships provide and how they can make them better for both apprentices and employers.

Further, MP Robbie shared that Apprenticeships give young people a great way to learn while working, helping them take a fast-tracked route to a highly skilled job. And for employers, apprentices bring passion and energy into their business and are a great way to get the skilled workforce they need.

Furthermore, he also noted some factual information from his previous research. Today’s research shows that 1 in 3 (35%) of young people aged 12-18 are more likely to choose an apprenticeship for their career path compared to three years ago.

And over half (51%) of young people said having opportunities to develop skills was an important consideration when thinking about their future career path, while two-fifths (43%) said being able to get paid while also training was an important consideration.

At last, while noting these critical points on the importance of Apprenticeships, MP Robbie urged the people to recognise their significance and marked Apprenticeships are incredibly important.

Kyle Smith

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