UK: MP Priti Patel visits Witham Leisure Centre, conducting free self-defence for women

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British Conservative Party Politician and Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, Priti Patel, was delighted to attend the free self-defence classes for women at the Witham Leisure Centre recently.

Post her visit to the Witham Leisure Centre, situated at Spinks Lane Witham in the United Kingdom, the British Conservative Party Politician and Member of the Parliament in the United Kingdom, Priti Patel, who was also the Secretary of State for International Development 2016-17, reached out her social media handle to extend her pleasure and gratitude from her recent visit to the Witham Leisure Centre, in which the free Self-defence classes are held to ensure and promote women’s safety and made them learn about the techniques of self-defence, which not only raised the awareness about the importance of self-defence but also help them to cope up from any situation independently.

While expressing her pleasure and sharing the Update on her visit to the Witham Leisure Centre, MP Priti Patel also shared some glimpses, where she was introduced to the organising team and Volunteers conducting the classes, who informed her about the self-defence techniques they taught the women for their safety and security.

As per the Update shared, the free Self-defence classes for women are conducted at the Witham Leisure Centre and are funded through the Safer Streets Fund by MP Priti Patel, which was launched and overseen during her time as Home Secretary for International Development.

At last, she emphasised that women’s safety is essential, and classes like these are an excellent means of ensuring women and girls are much safer on the streets through increased awareness and knowing how to deal with dangerous situations if and when they occur. The Safer Streets Fund continues to make an essential difference in the safety of women and girls at a community level.

Kyle Smith

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