UK: MP Jack Brereton raises concern on difficulty people face due to shortage of NHS Dentist


The British Conservative Party Politician and Member of Parliament for Stoke on Trenth South constituency in the United Kingdom, Jack Brereton, raised concern over the difficulty faced by the constituents in getting an NHS Dentist and its need for NHS dentist appointments.

As per the updates, the Member of Parliament for Stoke on Trent South Constituency in the United Kingdom, Jack Brereton, while raising his concern on the need for NHS Dentist in the Stoke on Trent South Constituency in the United Kingdom, emphasised the problems the residents have been facing in the city.


He shared that the existing dental services have worsened the overall situation and led to the urgent need to look after dental treatments.

“This is causing added pressure on existing dental services in the city and forcing many residents to seek more urgent treatment. This has been made worse by a number of dentists in North Staffordshire stopping providing NHS services,” he expressed.

MP Jack also explained the number of times he had raised this concern for the sake of the people of his constituency earlier before in the Parliament with various delegations from the Health Department in the United Kingdom, including with the local NHS, in the House of Commons and recently with the Minister for Health, Neil O’Brien MP, and have stressed the need for more NHS dental services in the Stoke-on-Trent.

Further, MP Jack, while raising his concern, also announced the Government’s statement to initiate work under the NHS Workforce Plan, which will increase dental training by 40%, and action is being taken to ensure newly qualified dentists have to spend a good proportion of their time seeing NHS patients.

He also urged people to work effectively and ensured everyone continued his work with colleagues until residents had access to the appropriate dental services locally.

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