UK court charges mother and her boyfriend guilty of murdering her 15 years old son


UK: The Leeds Crown Court has found the mother and boyfriend to be guilty of murdering her own 15-year-old son, Sebastian Kalinowski, in August 2021. The child had succumbed to death owing to an untreated infection due to multiple fractures in the ribs. Moreover, he was stabbed with a needle by his own mother, Agnieszka Kalinowska (35).

Sebastian was subjected to cruelty and a campaign of torture. Also, he was beaten with a bed slat, and whipped with an extension cable by both his mother and her boyfriend, Andrez Latiszowski(38). The police had seized the CCTV cameras from Andrez and Agnieszka’s residence in the UK. Sebastian underwent various ‘humiliating exercise drills’ after he had shifted to the couple’s residence in the UK from Poland a year before his death.


After facing a year-long campaign of torture and assaults, and battling for survival ,Sebastian had succumbed to death.

The footage from the day of Sebastian’s death clearly showed Andrez carrying him out of his room at 8:15 AM and returning about twenty minutes later while carrying Sebastian completely naked, wet and unconscious in his arms and trying to revive him back to life. However, the couple informed the Emergency services nearly three hours after his death.

The couple had earlier denied all the accusations of torturing the child in any manner or assaulting him to death. However, they later admitted to manslaughter and pleaded guilty in The Leeds Crown Courts.” I should have died instead of him”, sobbed Agnieszka on being found guilty by the jury. Latiszowski, on the other hand, exhibited no signs of regret or any emotions on his face.

The Prosecutor has demanded severe punishment for the couple to set an example and restore faith in law . The judge, Ms Justice Lambert, said the pair would not be sentenced until October at the earliest.


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