UK man ‘punched and stamped on’ woman along with two-year-old son


London- Shane Denham, 31, from Ascot Terrace, was sentenced following a catalogue of abusive behaviour to a former partner and an incident in which he drove a car into one of her relatives.

Leeds Crown Court heard that, on January 1, 2020, Denham punched a woman he was in a relationship with in the mouth and struck her on the arm. On January 18 that year, the court was told Denham picked up an argument with the woman while she was holding his two-year-old child.


Denham then made her put the toddler down in a chair before punching her to the floor and stamping on her.

The court was also told that, on September 24 2017, Denham spoke to an older relation of his partner, who went to meet Denham. He arrived to find Denham sitting behind the wheel of a car, despite him only holding a provisional driver’s licence.

After revving the engine, Denham drove at the victim and missed before driving toward him again and causing the victim to injure his knee.

The court heard how Denham’s former partner is so terrified of him being in her children’s lives that they have had to move away from the area where they lived.

Prosecuting Denham, Austin Eric Newman read from a victim impact statement written by Denham’s former partner, saying: “It upsets me so much to think I will have to take my children away from an area we like to live because of him.

“I am terrified whenever I leave the house in case he is waiting for me.”


Defending Denham, Christopher John Moran told the court: “Mr Denham is not only capable of violence, but also poor decision-making. He has made a series of poor decisions, which have made matters worse for him.

“While in custody, he has shown me a series of [training] certificates. He has a number of people who look up to him in custody and who value his guidance. He is capable of being an extremely different person, and he has had significant time to reflect.”

A probation officer then told the court Denham had “issues with temper control” and that he had admitted behaving in a “nasty” way in previous relationships.

The court was also told Denham ran a car valeting business, which has since been shut down due to him being in custody.

Sentencing Denham, Judge Robin Mairs told the court: “You picked an argument with [the victim] while she was holding your child. You wanted her to put him down so you could punch her with sufficient force that you knocked her to the floor.

On count one of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving while disqualified, he was given 18 months imprisonment. Denham was given a further 18 months for two counts of assault by beating, as well as an assault of actual bodily harm, leaving him having to serve three years in total.

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