UK logs more than 1200 covid cases, discover antibodies in school pupils


The United Kingdom has registered 309 deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the week ending June 17 2022, which is slightly less than the previous week.  

According to the reports, the United Kingdom registered 12,320 last week, which exceeds 15.3 percent above the five-year average.  


Although, the primary and secondary school pupils in England had detectable levels of the COVID-19 antibodies in March 2022.

The Schools Infection Survey from March to April 20, 2022, has revealed that more than 99% of secondary school pupils are infected with the covid, 64.9% people were vaccinated, and 3.4% were unvaccinated.  

The surge of COVID among ongoing school students is increasing significantly for both primary and secondary school students. The covid testing was conducted between Round 1 of testing (November 10 to December 10) and Round 2 (January 10 to February 3), and again between Round 2 and Round 3. 

Antibody testing in Round 3 occurred while coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in England increased, especially among school-aged children, because of the Omicron variant. Antibody prevalence is likely higher in Round 3 than in Round 2 because of this increase in community infections and the continuing vaccination programme for secondary school-aged pupils.

The increase was likely caused by infections from Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5.

The estimated percentage of the community population (those not in hospitals, care homes or other institutional settings) that had COVID-19 in the latest week was:

  • 1,360,600 (1 in 40 people) in England
  • 68,500 (1 in 45 people) in Wales
  • 59,900 (1 in 30 people) in Northern Ireland
  • 250,700 (1 in 20 people) in Scotland


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