UK logs 69,449 new cases of COVID-19 and 191 deaths


The corona virus pandemic has been going on for more than two years, and countries are going through different realities with the emergence of new mutations of the virus and the advancement of the global vaccination plan. 

In this On 1 April in the UK, 69,449 new cases of COVID-19 patients and 191 deaths were recorded, as detailed by the health authorities.


Until now, The total number of people infected with the virus in the United Kingdom is 21,216,874 and 165,570 deaths.

The United Kingdom ranks sixth in the countries with the largest number of people infected with the Corona virus. 

The top ten list consists as follows: United State (81789417 cases), India (43,026,736 cases), Brazil (29975,165 cases), France (25763472 cases), Germany (2,1459975 cases), United kingdom (21,216,874 cases), Russia (17862089 cases), Turkey (14,873,927 cases), Italia (14,719,394 cases), South Korea (133,75818 cases).

Covid 19 vaccination in the UK from 1 April: 

The UK’s corona-virus vaccination campaign has reached a total of 141,034,573 doses applied as of 1 April. Of that number, 52798443 people received one dose, while 49428,034 actually received two doses. 

It follows that 81.09% of the population received the first vaccine, while 75.91% received both doses. 

In addition, 59.6% incidentally already have a booster.


Regarding the level of immunization of the population, United kingdom It is ranked 29, with 1,410,34,573 doses applied.

The list of the top ten countries consists as follows: beer (1,290,797); Chile (51247264); the moldive Islands (913264); Brunei (1,068,468); the taste (6,636,502); Iceland (850.505); Singapore (13825593); The United Arab Emirates (24485172); Portugal (25291883); the two seas (3,421,273).


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