UK: Illegal Migration Act being passed into Law, MP Robert shares update


The Member of Parliament for Highpeak Constituency in the United Kingdom, Robert Largan, has recently shared an update on the Illegal Migration Act being passed into the Parliament. He extended his pleasure and shared its victory over the Labour Party.

As per the Update, the Illegal Migration Act has received Royal Assent and passed into Law on Thursday, July 20, 2023. On this, the Member of Parliament for Highpeak, Robert Largan, has extended his pleasure.


Reportedly, MP Robert has spent a huge amount of time working and investing hard over the months to get this Law passed in the Parliament.

Under the new Law:

  1. Anyone entering the UK illegally will be detained immediately and removed to a safe country within weeks.
  2. Anyone entering the UK illegally cannot claim asylum in the UK.
  3. Only some people entering the UK illegally won’t be able to make spurious and late claims to frustrate removal.
  4. Anyone entering the UK illegally will face a lifetime bar on lawful re-entry to the UK.
  5. Stricter enforcement with a new Small Boats Operational Command to crack down on criminal gangs.
  6. Return agreements with safe countries like Albania.

Meanwhile, MP Robert expressed his pleasure and shared that the Conservative Party has successfully passed this new Law despite the Labour Party fighting tooth and nail against it, just as they opposed the deportation of foreign convicted murderers and sex offenders.

Labour voted 71 times against the new laws to stop the boats.

Labour has no plan to stop the boats. They don’t want to control the ships.

I do not doubt that Labour and other vested interests will now try and launch legal challenges to block the new laws in court, just as anti-road campaigners and Glossop Labour are trying to stop the Mottram Bypass.


However, some of the country’s best and brightest legal minds have worked on this legislation, and they are confident that they will stand up in court under any reasonable ruling. He stressed.

Further, MP Robert has also announced that Over 5,000 local people have responded to his Immigration Survey. 92% of respondents support the new laws.

“You can have your say here:,” he added.

He also expressed that the British people believe in a sense of fairness. The current broken system needs to be fairer, and it needs to be more sustainable.

One of the symptoms of this unsustainable situation is the University of Derby’s proposal to convert High Peak Halls into a large-scale asylum dispersal centre.

Furthermore, MP Robert also shared about leading the opposition to these plans, supporting Derbyshire Police.

A planning application enabling the asylum dispersal centre is coming before High Peak Borough Council on August 1.

The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm and is being held at Buxton Methodist Church.

“I will be attending and speaking against the application. Members of the public can also attend,” he added.

“You can still submit your objection to the application here:“, he further added.

At last, MP Robert expressed his hope to the Labour Council, listened to local people and did the right thing for High Peak.

“Please share this post with any friends, family and neighbours so they can also submit their objections and make their voices heard!” he urged


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