UK: Human Rights Ambassador delivers speech on female discrimination


The Human Rights Ambassador of the United Kingdon, Rita French, delivered a statement on behalf of the UK during the Interactive Dialogue with the Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

Human Rights Ambassador commends the Working Group’s latest report due to witnessing increasing global threats to the rights and freedoms of women and girls.


Minister Rita French talked about the various aspects of the women’s sufferings, and while supporting them, she cited that “supporting and empowering women and girl activists to assert their rights and fulfil their potential is critical to achieving fairer, more equal and prosperous societies.”

All forms of violence against women and girls, including conflict-related sexual violence, leave profound and lasting scars on survivors, their children and their communities.

Discriminatory legislation and policies, harmful social norms and practices, such as FGM and forced marriage, and restricted access to resources and health services are all major barriers to female empowerment, she added.

The UK is championing 12 years of quality education for girls, which empowers them to control their own lives and bodies, get better jobs, plan their families and fulfil their potential.

Further, she talked about the UK’s vision to support women to live a free and independent life. She further informed that as members of the Alliance for Feminist Movements, the nation would work with others to increase support for women’s rights organisations and movements at a local, national and global level.

Moreover, while summing up, she mentioned that the government of the United Kingdom is looking forward to exploring with the Working Group how to empower further women activists and human rights defenders around the world and ensure that they can assert their rights without fear of intimidation or violence.


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