UK hits goal to employ more than a million disabled people at work


The United Kingdom has exceeded its goal to see one million more disabled people at work.

As per the data Office for National Statistics (ONS) provided by officials, over one million more disabled people have gained employment, confirming the UK government attained its key ambition to improve the lives of disabled people.


The officials’ latest figures for employment are 1.3 million since 201. The ten-year employment goal was the government manifesto commitment to breaking down barriers for disabled people or those suffering from health conditions and constructing more diverse and inclusive workforces.

The UK Minister for Disabled people will conduct a job fair on May 18, 2022, at Hillman Street Jobcentre in Hackney, East London.

The event will offer job opportunities for job seekers with disabilities. Local employers, support groups and work coaches will help them to access work and opportunities to meet their desired career goals.

There are numerous government initiatives and schemes in partnership with the health system. To help disabled individuals lead independent lives and start, stay, and succeed professionally.

The Disability Confident scheme helps employers create more convenient and diverse workforces by advocating inclusive recruitment practices. The scheme covers 11 million paid workers, and it allows employers to think differently about the disability to make new ideas to attract, recruit and retain the disabled workers.

Many renowned companies like Coca-Cola, Ford and Sainsbury’s Hilton are among numerous organizations across the United Kingdom to join the scheme to enhance the number of disabled people in work.


Over the next three years, the Government will invest £1.3bn in employment support for disabled people and people with health conditions. This money will go toward building up existing provision, including expanding employment support, to grow the economy and help people with the cost of living.

Support into employment will also be an important theme within the DWP’s Health and Disability White Paper, due to be published later this summer, and it will outline further detail about how the £1.3bn investment will be spent.

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