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UK gets ready for local election polls

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Jason Miller

UK countdown is on for the significant electoral test for the British prime minister Boris Johnson since the partygate allegations engulfed downing street; local elections on the 5th of May, are the last major polls before the general elections expected to take place in 2024.

All the councils in Scotland and Wales are being contested in Scotland, 1200 seats are up for grabs in 32 council areas in wales, 1200 across 22 councils, and in England, more than 4000 council seats are being contested across 146 councils.

These elections could not have come at the worst time for the Tories. According to the latest projection, the conservative party could lose up to 550 seats if the opinion polls turn out to be true; this could be the worst local election performance for the party in a generation.

With the partygate scandal, Boris Johnson’s reputation hit rock bottom, and he was even fined by the police for breaching his own COVID-19 rules during the 2020 lockdown, also haunting Boris Johnson with the prospect that he would be found to have misled the parliament.

When in response to allegations over the downing street gatherings, he told the lawmakers that rules were followed at all times.

According to the ministerial court, such an eventuality would normally lead to resignation. However, the prime minister has apologized in the house of commons twice, and he has repeatedly dodged questions about his future.

Now he claims that the people want the country’s politicians to get on with running the country and not obsess over events that took place two years ago. The Local elections will certainly indicate whether or not Boris Johnson’s claims have been right.

Scandals have surrounded Johnson and his ministers, and multiple crisis members of the Tories have publicly called for the prime minister’s resignation as well.

The latest survey reveals that despite the massive political damage down to Johnson and his cabinet. The lockdown parties are taking a back seat in the voters’ minds, at least for the local elections.

Johnson’s fate could depend on a cost of living crisis linked to Brexit. Inflation in the UK is at 30 years high. The opposition has accused the Prime Minister of having no serious response to this and no clear strategy. Boris Johnson has been grappling with scandals and controversies a series of them but remains an exceptional politician.

Ahead of the local elections, Johnson has been out on the campaigns trail, and he has been hitting upmarket towns in the north of England, many television studios in the south of wale. This week, he also addressed the Ukrainian parliament when he cheered with multiple standing ovations.

Many see Johnson’s response to the Ukraine war as an attempt to be healed as a global hero, this as his ratings.

Voters in England, Scotland and Wales, have several issues on their minds, including the cost of living crisis, the government’s response to the COVID-19, the partygate scandal; now, whether some of them or all of them will become true factors for a part referendum on Boris Johnson and the Tories overall remains to be same.

Jason Miller

Published by
Jason Miller

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