UK: Cornwall celebrates New Year with traditional event – St Tibb’s Eve


United Kingdom: The Cornwall Heritage Trust celebrated New Year’s Eve uniquely and traditionally. The whole country celebrated it with St Tibb’s Eve; a traditional event celebrated annually with a boom. The occasion was celebrated between 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve and midnight on New Year’s Day.

Cornwall, a county located in southwest England, is known for its unique and traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations. This hidden day of the New Year is believed to be a magical celebration. In Cornwall, the moment between 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve and midnight on New Year’s Day is known as “St Tibb’s Eve.”


The trust shared that the day is believed to be a hidden day of magical celebration. “What is done during this time needs to be clarified because it is a hidden celebration. However, Cornwalls celebrated it with their unique traditions and activities.”

According to the information shared by Cornwall Heritage Trust, “First footing” is a global tradition. The Cornish version of the first footing is called “sanding the step.” In this tradition, the first person to enter the home on New Year’s Day is believed to bring good luck to the household.

During this, the doorstep is swept and marked with a line of sand, and the first person to cross the sand represented the luck to the household they would receive in the coming year. Some families also gave small silver-colored money tokens, hoping to bring good financial fortune for the following year.

A Facebook user shared the information about this traditional event and said, “We always put out a silver coin, a lump of coal, and some bread. This was to ensure good luck. We would have warmth, food, and money throughout the year.”

In some rural districts of Cornwall, the females are considered unlucky if they happen to be the first to enter the house on New Year’s morning. At the same time, boys are given small rewards for placing sand on the doorsteps to ensure good luck. Boys also march through the towns and villages collecting fees for “sanding the step” to bring good luck to homes.

St Ives and Looe are towns in Cornwall, England. On this New Year’s Eve, they hold fancy-dress celebrations, where people dress up in costumes and alter their voices to conceal their identities. Moreover, Hundreds of people participate in the disguised festivities, making it a popular and well-attended event in both towns


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