UK: Brooklands children’s playground is now open for fun, announces Councillor Vicki Wells

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United Kingdom: Labour Councillor for Marine Ward of Worthing Borough Council, Vicki Wells, felt delighted to announce the official opening of Brooklands children’s playground on Saturday, March 25, 2023. She joined Councillor Mike Barrett and Ibsha Choudhury with Gus, Paige and their families to user-test the space.

While outlining the facility, Councillor Vicki Wells said, “It is hard to comprehend how something as basic as a turn on a swing can mean so much for parents and carers of disabled children. The inclusion of two accessible swings so this basic pass-time can be enjoyed by those in wheelchairs is utterly brilliant. It was a real privilege meeting Paige and her family as she experienced the swing for the first time, safely in her wheelchair.”

She added that the park’s sensory walk and climbing frame are spot on for Gus, who has autism, is non-speaking and has Sensory Processing Disorder – they brought a big smile to his face.

“I love the thoughtful touches of parking bays for large buggies or pushchairs and the wheelchair-accessible picnic tables too – it’s going to be fab in summer,” added Wells.

She outlined that the cafe and changes places WC are also coming along nicely and added, “We’ll have a big community celebration when it’s all completed. Huge thanks to the teams who have worked so hard to deliver this fantastic new Worthing playground.”

Notably, the park will soon be open to the public. Several people took to Facebook to appreciate the councillor. They said that she has always been at the forefront of advancing her area, which will result in the upliftment of the country as a whole.

She has been working with other leaders in Worthing to facilitate people in every sphere, including health, entertainment, eduction and much more so that they don’t have to travel far for anything.

Kyle Smith

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