UK-based writer Vex King shares views on Love with mesmerising post


United Kingdom-based positive, inspirational and motivational writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his piece of writing on Facebook.

Indian-origin writer and mind coach is famous for his books about self-love and self-awareness.


Recently he shared a beautiful piece of writing about Love:-

You would never build a house with a hollow foundation and expect it to maintain its structure or be safe to call home. For similar reasons, building a relationship on the shallow grounds of physical attraction alone can’t guarantee that it’s safe, healthy, compatible, or capable of exposing you to the sincerest depths of unconditional Love and the heights of self-discovery or growth.⁣

The urge to pursue someone solely based on looks is at its peak in modern relationships. Swiping faces and scrolling bodies like an online (and often endless) shopping category until we find the one that appeals to our eyes is the norm. ⁣

United Kingdom-based positive, inspirational and motivational writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his piece of writing on Facebook.
United Kingdom-based positive, inspirational and motivational writer and mind coach Vex King recently shared his piece of writing on Facebook.

Finding Love that is soul-deep instead of skin-deep requires investing time in people who stir your spirit, share your values, and align with your life purpose. Find the person who becomes the back story to your smile lines, the muse for your creativity, and the beacon of light when your inner world goes dark.⁣


My book Closer to Love unfolds the meaning of attraction in its many forms and helps you understand the difference between when your body wants someone versus when your higher self is calling out to another.⁣

Discover how to align with your heart’s needs and become so rich with self-love that you repel shallow attraction and find yourself drawn to people who nourish your spirit. Authentic Love will feed your soul, but physical attraction alone will always leave you craving more. After all, what we desire isn’t always what we need to flourish.⁣

Closer to Love is available to pre-order and is highly discounted on Amazon. The Amazon algorithm lowers the price to pay the more pre-orders there are. And you’ll always pay the lowest price between now and the release date if you are pre-order from them. So let’s get it as low as possible!⁣ You also won’t be charged for pre-ordering until the book is dispatched!⁣

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