UK-based Aida shares story of shifting to Georgia from Ukraine during war

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UK-based Aida shared her story of shifting to Georgia from Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine war. When Aida and her husband Vitaly moved to Georgia, they thought they would return after a few months. But due to lack of money, they had to stay in Georgia only. Adia took to her social media and requested everyone to help her family migrate to England.

UK-based 33 years old Aida met her husband Vitaly, who is now 38 years old, after graduating from University Northern Europe. When Vitala was 22, he had an accident and lost his eyesight. But he did not lose faith in himself and hoped he would see the sunlight one day. Her husband, Vitaly, became a successful musician.

During their acquaintance, Aida shared that Vitaly had not seen his eyes for five years. But Vitaly’s kindness, determination and willpower won her heart. After eight years of acquaintance, their girl child Maria was born. Who is now 2,4 years old. After the birth of their girl, Maria Aida shared that it was a feeling that now the world has taken on new colours, and so they lived happily.

When the war started on February 24th, Aida and her husband stayed home with their little Maria. They were in Fear, uncertainty, pain, and a state where they didn’t know what to do. They decided to stay at home and not go anywhere.

The family believed that in the 21st century, there could not be such horror, But Aida shared that their thoughts were proved wrong. Every night when they went to bed, they believed that tomorrow would be a peaceful morning and that everything would be fine. But it was not.

Aida shared that there were fewer and fewer people in the city. Everyone was leaving the town, and three months passed. Aida and her husband stayed there. After three months, they decided to leave at a family meeting, but they didn’t have a car and started looking for acquaintances and friends who had stayed in the city. But, unfortunately, there was no one. And with that, Another month passed.

Aida shared that, gradually, their Hope was fading before their eyes. One evening a stranger told them he was going to Georgia and needed travelling companions. Aida and her husband were scared, but they eventually realised that there would probably be no others if they did not agree to his proposal.

Aida shared that they cried all night, leaving everything behind and packing their lives into one suitcase. After two days, Aida shared that they were in Georgia.

Aida and her Husband hoped they would return home in a few months. Since they hadn’t much money, they found the cheapest room.

At Georgia, Aida shared that her husband looked for a job with music bands but couldn’t avail of any. Aida then started working online at a Ukrainian school as a teacher.

In 2 months, it will be one year since Aida and Vitaly have been in Georgia. There are no jobs, and they can’t rent a decent apartment with her teacher’s salary. They decided to seek a sponsor and fly to England.

Aida shared they have no bad habits nor any chronic diseases.
And so they requested that it be grateful to people who would respond to our story and sponsor their little family.

Kyle Smith

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