UK & Australia confirms to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees


The UK and Australia have confirmed the plans to aid Ukrainian refugees with humanitarian assistance amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

On 29 March, the first two chartered flights will leave carrying hygiene kits, solar lights, kitchen sets, and blankets with other basic needs under the Australia-UK humanitarian partnership to help the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) meet the immediate needs of people displaced by the conflict.


The Uk is assisting in providing and organizing the delivery of supplies, and Australia is contributing with the funding; the active participation of both countries ensures that aid can reach Ukraine most quickly and most efficiently, and it appears that both countries are sharing close partnership during the Ukraine crisis.

Some other items will also be delivered and distributed, such as the diesel power heaters, heavy-duty groundsheets, and shelters. These items will reach by plane to Poland, and UNHCR will further circulate in Ukraine and Moldova to help Ukrainian refugees.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said that “Australia is appalled by Russia’s indiscriminate attacks on civilians who have borne the brunt of these illegal and reprehensible actions.

“Australian assistance will ensure over 8,000 relief items, such as blankets, hygiene, kitchen sets, and lighting, reach displaced Ukrainians facing cold temperatures.

“As we do in the Indo-Pacific, Australia is proud to work with the United Kingdom to alleviate human suffering wherever it occurs.”
The UK and Australia call on Russia to allow the safe passage of civilians from conflict-affected areas in Ukraine and safe access for the provision of humanitarian assistance.

UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said:
The UK is working with our great friends Australia to support the people of Ukraine who have had their lives destroyed by Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion.


“We call on Russia to enable safe humanitarian access and safe passage for people to flee the violence.

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