Tourism to flourish in St Kitts and Nevis as ‘Culturama’ kicks in


Basseterre: St Kitts and Nevis is an exotic country in the Caribbean with the enthrilling landscapes and diverse cultures co-existing, making it a perfect holiday destination. The country is known for its rich historical background and luxurious lifestyle. The natural beauty and adventures are perfect for those who seek relaxation from their monotonous life.

St Kitts and Nevis are twin-island nations, where St Kitts offers a wide range of restaurants,bars and hotels whereas the luxurious life of Nevis is the eye-candy for a lot of tourists.


Alongside the picturesque landscapes , St Kitts and Nevis provides quality education, efficient health care and flourishing tourism industry. To mention specifically ,Joseph N  France General Hospital in St Kitts to the Alexandra Hospital in Nevis provides top graded medical facilities. Various universities in the country provide best- in-class medical education.

The countless efforts thrived upon infrastructure have amazingly transformed the country since the last 20 years .The development of cruise ship port complex and roads in Basseterre have been making commute easier. St Kitts and Nevis is currently celebrating its rich cultural festival namely ‘Culturama’.The festivities began from 21st July and will continue till 2nd August,2022.

Culturama is Nevis’ form of carnival and is celebrated for over 12 days. This year marks the 48th anniversary, under the theme “Fete and Celebrate Nevis Culturama 48.” From its inception, the festival has been dubbed as the ‘Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Lime’.The theme for the festival is decided with a small slogan competition in which every citizen of the Federation participates.

The festival is a flamboyant demonstration of Nevis’ culture, from its folklore to the music and dancing and displays of local talent. The festival consisted packed schedule that highlights all aspects of Nevisian arts and culture through poetry nights, games, aquatic extravaganzas, craft and food fair, sports racing, Soca Monarch competitions, steel pan night and more. Various other events such as fetes, pageants and a colourful street parade of spectacular costumes also shine a spotlight on the authentic cultural experiences.

Tourism to flourish in St Kitts and Nevis as ‘Culturama’ kicks in
Tourism to flourish in St Kitts and Nevis as ‘Culturama’ kicks in

Began in 1974, Culturama is the brainchild of the Nevis Dramatic and Cultural Society (NEDACS). The prime aim behind the festival is to create an environment in which Nevisian heritage and indigenous customs would be celebrated.

Although, the timing of the annual event is especially significant as it coincides with the observance of the 1838 emancipation of African slaves throughout the British Empire in the Caribbean. This is a major milestone in the island’s history as Nevisians are primarily of African descent.


After a rocky period in the mid-1980s, the festival has now established itself as a key date in the calendar. Travellers who visit the country to witness the beauty through these festivals would struggle to tell the festival apart from many other Caribbean carnivals; through many of its events, Cultarama does strive to maintain its original purpose of preserving and promoting the local culture and heritage.

With all these festivals, St Kitts and Nevis boost the different sectors in the country especially, the tourism. It uplifts the activities of the Culturama festival with an aim to spread it across the globe and assist the people in different sectors such as:

  • To assist the culturally minded creative, and dedicated persons in serving on the Nevis Culturama Committee.
  • To attain sponsorship from corporate organizations and individuals within the business community.
  • To create an awareness among the citizens of Nevis and various international communities with regard to the heritage and indigenous culture of the twin-island Federation.
  • To educate the populace in order to develop a sense of pride for Culturama, which drives them to contribute towards the development and sustenance of the country.
  • To increase the participation of the talented people so that the festival could go ahead successfully.
  • To create a festive atmosphere each year to serve the stimulation for greater involvement in the festival from Kittens and Nevisians at home and abroad.
  • To preserve the dying folk tradition of St Kits and Nevis.
  • To host costume designing and building workshops with an aim to install these skills in interested citizens of St Kitts and Nevis.
  • To offer a forum for local artists in the various disciplines to develop and flourish and showcase their skills and talents.
  • To provide the financial assistance of the corporate business community to fuel the festival and reduce the dependency on the government for financial assistance.

Revellers from across the globe enjoy the mesmerizing and vibrant culture of Nevis with spectacular events organized by the Culturama Central Committee. Several activities would also form part of the exciting calendar of events for the festival celebration.

The Culturama patrons, lovers and travellers will enjoy the festival schedule, including sporting events, concerts, poetry readings, theatrical performances, pageants, parades and “limes”, or parties featuring local cuisine and cocktails.

On July 21, 2022, the festival started with the opening ceremony of the Junior Kaiso contests, and it will witness various other events such as the Soca Monarch competition, action Corner, and Fantastic Friday. Besides the official events, the Kittitians and Nevisians will shake their legs at the music of famous bands such as Odissi Band, Ultimate Band, Kollision Band, DJ Zimba and Kassanova Band Small Axe Band and many more.

St Kitts and Nevis is a one-must-visit destination that always provides a relish stay in the lap of nature. The Twin-island Federation consists of sandy as well as silver and coral reefs, and tourist gets attracted to the beautiful and mesmerizing sights of the county. With the help of the tourism industry and the Citizenship by Investment Programme, the country witnessed socio-economic development at a significant pace.

The twin-island nation in the Western Hemisphere is a pioneer of Citizenship by the Investment industry. It is regarded as the world’s best by the CBI Index 2021 of the Financial Times published in PWM Magazine.

The alternative Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis is provided to investors in exchange for the financial contribution to the country’s economy. It has also been regarded as the longest-running in the world for running the programme for more than three decades.

Popularly known as Fund Option, interested candidates can apply for alternative Citizenship through the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF). This investment option was established in the year 2018 to support various socio-economic initiatives in the country. Fund option assisted in the ongoing advancement of St Kitts and Nevis and enhanced the future of investors, as well as the future of St Kitts and Nevis.



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