Tobias White death case: Mother demands justice for son’s murder


UK: The mother of Tobias White , the man who died while holidaying in Magaluf, a Spanish island of Majorca, has demanded justice in the case of the death of her youngest son. Tobias’s mother, Lorraine Thompson, stated that this is the biggest loss in her life which has left her totally devastated and she wants the ones responsible for such a tragedy to be held accountable for their misdeeds.

“I want those who are accountable for what I believe is the murder of my son to be brought to justice for it” said Lorraine as she mourned the death of her youngest son.


Tobias, 35, was a resident of Nottingham and the father of two children. According to his family, Tobias was brutally tortured and made to kneel by the police and the security staff. The unfortunate incident had taken place at a nightclub in Magaluf five days prior to his death. 

The family believes that Tobias was severely injured and succumbed to wounds of the beating and brutality that he underwent in that nightclub. 

Ms Lorraine said: “It’s absolutely horrific. I’ve had meltdowns where I’ve wanted to go home. I’m currently undergoing that phase where I’m having to stay here and listen to this story over and over again.

In a video that Tobias’s family had shown, the security staff at Boomerang Night Club was seen pressing his arm against the neck for more than 30 seconds.

On the other hand, the Spanish Police had stated that they had restrained Tobias following his assault on the doorman while he was being resistive and really aggressive. Moreover, three-drug combinations have been found in White’s body. 

While mother Lorraine has compared the death of her son with the murder of ‘George Floyd’ in America and believes that racism had a role to play in her son’s death. 



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