Susan Cain: How Society Undervalues The Power of Introversion


Author Susan Cain has written a book about introversion. She discusses how introverts are frequently disregarded and undervalued in society, particularly in the workplace and in leadership roles. She explains that this bias in favour of extroversion dates back to the 20th century when people started migrating from small towns to cities and had to establish their credibility in front of a large group of unfamiliar people. Because of this, society began to place more value on traits like charisma and magnetism, and self-help books started to use salespeople as role models.

Cain contends that this bias against introversion harms both them and society. Research demonstrates that introverted leaders frequently produce better results than extroverts because they are more likely to let others run with their ideas, she says. She also emphasises the value of solitude in the creative process and mentions that many notable individuals, including Steve Wozniak, Dr Seuss, and Darwin, used isolation to develop their concepts.


Cain gives historical examples of introverted leaders who managed to lead successfully despite their introverted personalities, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi. She emphasises the significance of striking a balance between introverts and extroverts in society to be more productive and creative. A personal story about Cain’s grandfather, a quiet rabbi who loved his followers and could move them with his sermons, is also included.

Despite her introverted tendencies, Cain has been practising public speaking to share her message about the value of introverts with a wider audience. She encourages society to give introverts more freedom to be themselves and to value their unique contributions. It’s important to note that not everyone is either an introvert or an extrovert, some people fall smack in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum, and we call these ambiverts.

It’s important to note that the speaker is not advocating that extroverts are not valuable but that introverts’ strengths should also be valued by society. Although introverts are frequently perceived as quieter and less outgoing, they still have a significant impact. They may express themselves and contribute to the community differently, but that does not lessen their worth.

Furthermore, the speaker emphasises the importance of solitude in creativity. Creativity and innovation often come from group brainstorming sessions and collaboration, but the speaker argues that isolation is also crucial for the creative process. Many successful people have found that they can think more deeply and develop new ideas alone.

Susan Cain generally urges society to value introverts’ strengths, give them more leeway to be who they are, and recognise that solitude is crucial for creativity and innovation. This can be done by fostering a more balanced culture that respects both introverts and extroverts, as well as by providing introverts with the environment and resources they require to succeed.




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