Stranraer Oyster Festival emerges in UK, know here handy guide to help one to navigate


The much anticipated Stranraer Oyster Festival 2023 emerged in the United Kingdom Yesterday (Friday), September 15, 2023, with various activities, delectable treats and thrilling events on the horizon. 

Reportedly, the Stranraer Oyster Festival is the annual Scotland-based Festival celebrated to honour and preserve the cultural heritage of the people around the area and to remark its people, place, culture and wealth of the local produce. 


With the announcement of the Festival, there’s also a handy guide below in the Q&A form shared to help the ones navigate this year’s Stranraer Oyster Festival:-

1. Can I buy tickets at the gate?

 Yes, tickets are available at the gate, ensuring you can enjoy the festival fun!

2. Is the Festival dog-friendly?

 Absolutely! Bring your furry friends along to enjoy the festivities.

**3. What are the opening times?


 The Festival’s opening hours are as follows:

– Friday: 6:00 pm to 11:45 pm

– Saturday: 11:00 am to 11:45 pm

– Sunday: 11:00 am to 6:30 pm

4. What time is the plane display?

 Weather permitting, catch the plane display at 7:50 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. Shorter flights will also grace the skies on Sunday, although the exact timing is subject to variation.

5. Are there any spare tickets for the celebrity chef demos?

 Yes, you can find additional tickets at [this link](…).

6. Are there any spare tickets for the sold-out events?

 Keep an eye out for returned chef demo tickets available for purchase at the Kitchen Marquee on the day.

7. Is the site accessible for wheelchair users and buggies?

 Certainly! The festival site is fully accessible, and there’s even a dedicated disabled car park close by for Blue Badge holders.

**8. What if it rains?**

 Fear not! The Festival is well-prepared to handle any downpour, thanks to its spacious marquees that offer plenty of cover.

9. How do I enter the Oyster Eating Competition?

 Head over to the sign-up stall in the Entertainment Marquee to secure your spot in the competition. Remember, the early bird catches the oysters (and the Guinness)!

**10. Where can I see the program?

 The festival program is available on the [official website](, and you can also grab program brochures in town and at the festival site.

11. Can I pay by card?

 Yes, card payments are encouraged throughout the festival site for your convenience.

12. I’m nervous about trying an oyster; is other food and drink available?

 You’re in for a treat! There’s an abundance of mouthwatering local food and drink options to explore. If you’re new to oysters, don’t hesitate to seek advice from the Loch Ryan Oyster team – they’ll be happy to help.

13. Is Stranraer Oyster Festival 2023 going to be as good as last year?

 Further, the organisers have also ensured that the Festival is promised to be even better than before. They also urged the audience to spread the word, folks; this year’s Festival is set to surpass all expectations.

“Get ready to savour the delights of the Stranraer Oyster Festival 2023! See you later, and let the festivities begin,” they quoted. 

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