Spain Crack Down Criminal Group Smuggling Migrants from Ceuta & Cádiz


The Spanish government has announced that the National Police has cracked a criminal organization smuggling Moroccan immigrants from Ceuta to the coast of Cádiz, a city and port in southwestern Spain.                

According to the reports, a statement issued on May 17, the government stated that 16 migration cycles were attributed to them. It is estimated that 160 migrants were caught, of which 60 were minors.             


11 people have been arrested, and two entries and searches have been carried out in which a boat motor, two GPS devices, two long-range transmitters, seven mobile phones, various documentation, and narcotic substances have been seized along with tools for their cutting and distribution,” the statement reads.

As per the government, the organization that import narcotics gain more than €500,000 in revenue. Individuals were paying €3,000 for each trip if it was by boat and €6,000 if it was individual by jet ski.  

Meanwhile, the agents’ investigations have estimated that the profits benefited by the organization are over €500,000 only for migration crossings. In addition, they have benefited from the routes for introducing hashish, for which profits have increased.

“The investigation began in May of last year, after the illegal access to Ceuta of many migrants who intended to reach the peninsula to later settle in other European countries, mainly in French and Belgian territory,” the statement also explains.

In conducting these investigations, agents confirmed the existence of a perfectly structured criminal organization whose members had a clear distribution of duties and functions, which was transferring Moroccan immigrants from Ceuta to the Cádiz coast, many of whom were minors.

From the first level of organization, the itineraries were directed and coordinated, while the second level members were in charge of collecting and supplying logistical material. In terms of those of the third level, they performed support tasks, supervision and transfer materialization of migrants.


Moreover, the operation ended with the arrest of 11 people for membership in a criminal organization against the rights of foreign nationals and public health. According to the government, ten of those arrested have already been sentenced to prison after arriving in court.

At the same time, two entries and registrations were made, including the seizure of a boat engine, two GPS devices, 170 grams of hashish, two precision scales, and material for cutting and small-scale distribution. In addition, two long-range transmitters, seven mobile phones, and diverse documentation are pending analysis by the researchers.”


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