Significant change to the COVID- 19 guidelines goes into force today: England


UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid asserted that from Monday, January 17, 2022, people who test positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) would have to self-isolate for only five days.

Mr Javid told lawmakers in the House of Commons asserted the UK’s Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) showed the data on the contagiousness of the cases of COVID-19, which refers, “about two-thirds of positive cases that were reported over the past five days, were not so contagious”.


He further added: “After reviewing all the evidence, we have decided to reduce the minimum self-isolation period in England to a full five days.

“From Monday, people can test twice before leaving – except for isolation at the beginning of six days.

“These trials are critical to these balanced and proportionate plans, and I urge everyone to take advantage of the potential we have built up in the trials so that we can restore independence in this country while keeping everyone safe,” Health Secretary cited.

There was pressure on the government to rectify the situation along the lines of the United States, where the period of isolation was reduced to five days.

According to the previous protocols, people have to get isolate for at least six full days if they have symptoms or receive a positive test, whichever is earlier, against two negative test results on days six and seven, followed by self-isolation.

It will also help address the shortage of staff in the economy and public services by allowing people to return to work first, especially to those who are facing a financial crisis during the tenure of isolation.


New Covid rules of England :
Today (Monday, January 17) will reduce the isolation for positive cases to five full days.

The UKHSA said that confusingly, this means that the actual length of isolation is six days with the day of your first positive test, known as “day zero”, not being part of your full isolation period.

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