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Secret Santa visits Nazareth House to catch up with elderly guests

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Jason Miller

Secret Santa, known as Christopher Dawson on Facebook, recently shared an update about visiting Nazareth House to catch up with elderly guests.

While sharing an update and his experience with his visit, Secret Santa wrote:-

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY…joined Nettie at Nazareth House for a visit to catch up with the elderly guests and staff. I had two wonderful girl elves help me downstairs and was joined by three boys to help distribute goodies upstairs.

I met a couple of guests who were over 100 and had so many pictures…again I thank all of you for helping me support our elderly at Christmas – together, and we can make a difference… I had a gift from my friend Pat – it was a box of 6 mince pies…I ate in one sitting tonight…you know how I love mince pies.

Photo Courtesy: Christopher Dawson Facebook

AND THEN THERE IS MISKIN MANOR…the lovely Amanda, her daughter, and her team welcome Santa back every year, and we do have such fun. Today was our first get-together event with singing, laughter, stories, photos, and joy,…as well as gifts. The suit was already warm, and sitting alongside the roaring fire; I felt the pounds slip away hohoho. I got home and lost 4 lbs in just one visit…

BUT THERE WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL HAPPENED AS I DEPARTED MISKIN MANOR…the sleet was starting, and the mist was rolling across the grounds of Miskin Manor and beyond. I left the building waving goodbye and heard a helicopter approaching.

I had seen many pictures on the wall earlier of helicopters landing at Miskin Manor. He was flying low because of the low cloud. It was coming overhead, and I could see it was a police helicopter. It passed overhead. And a guy walking toward me said, ‘what have you been up to, Santa?’ I replied, ‘he will never catch me in the sleigh.’ And we both laughed.

The helicopter circled above where I was heading, and a voice bellowed out from beneath the aircraft ‘SANTA – I KNOW HIM’… I took my hat off, revealing my long white hair and waved my white-gloved hands…and he was gone. The guy had stopped and was watching the helicopter and said, ‘I would never have believed it unless I saw it.’

It reminded me of a time in 2015 when I was on my way back through Llandaff North, and a Police Van approached and put on its blue lights, turned at the roundabout and gave chase. I pulled in and got out, and the policeman got out and shouted to the other two police in his cab, ‘I told you it was Santa.’

The policeman took a picture of us with the Police Van and the two police inside in the background. But today was something else…I didn’t know the helicopters had loudspeakers…

I have often ridden as a passenger in the Air Ambulance helicopter to deliver gifts to Ty Hafan and have total respect for those that help us from up there…see you all on Christmas Eve Night…

Two of my favourite photos from today…had a huge hug from two of the Sisters at Nazareth House…won’t show any others without permission…

Jason Miller

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