Scotland: Local MSP Sharon Dowey to Showcase Dance Skills in Ayrshire Does Strictly Charity Event


Ayrshire’s own Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP), Sharon Dowey, is gearing up for a captivating performance as she joins the lineup for “Ayrshire Does Strictly,” scheduled for the 30th of September, 2023.

Her participation in this exciting event aims to raise funds for the Killie Community, a charitable organization dedicated to harnessing the power of football to benefit the people of Ayrshire.


The Killie Community operates from Rugby Park and boasts a dedicated staff and volunteers committed to promoting active lifestyles and addressing health and social disparities across the region.

Sharon Dowey will be in the hands of Portuguese professional dancer Nuno, the leader of Scotland’s acclaimed Dance4Passion dancing school. Together, they are set to deliver a mesmerizing performance that will be remembered by all in attendance.

The evening promises to be a delightful affair, hosted by the charismatic duo of Edward Reid and Jane McCarry, famous for her role as Isa in “Still Game.” Adding to the excitement, Ian Waite will be gracing the event as part of the esteemed judging panel.

Commenting on her upcoming performance, Sharon Dowey, who represents the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I’m not sure whether it’s the nerves or the excitement, but I’m looking forward to taking part in Ayrshire Does Strictly next Saturday.”

She continued, “The event is taking place at Ayr Racecourse, and I’m fundraising for the Killie Community, a fantastic charity using football as a force for good to support people across Ayrshire.
I’ve given every dance practice my all, and it’s been great to work with my professional dance partner, Nuno, who leads Scotland’s Dance4Passion dancing school. I couldn’t have been in safer hands.”

Dowey also urged the community to show their support, emphasizing the significance of every contribution: “Any donation you can give, no matter how big or small, will go a long way in helping the Killie Community promote an active lifestyle and tackle health and social inequalities across Ayrshire.”


She expressed her gratitude to those who have already contributed and extended an invitation to those who have purchased tickets for the event, concluding, “I hope you have a great evening!”

As the 30th of September approaches, all eyes in Ayrshire eagerly await Sharon Dowey’s performance in Ayrshire Does Strictly, where dance meets philanthropy for a worthy cause.


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