SCCH Gareth of Gwynedd South Police attends Christmas Fair at Arran Hall School


This week SCCH Gareth, a Police officer of Gwynedd South Police, went to the Christmas Fair at Arran Hall School, Rhydymain, near Dolgellau, where he met the pupils and the staff.

As per the information shared by the official Facebook page of Gwynedd South Police, The force shared that, It was a sunny but cold day; everyone enjoyed the event and was very good.


The force also shared pictures of two pupils visiting one of the stalls.

Gwynedd South Police also thanked the staff and pupils for inviting them to the Christmas Fair.

While sharing photographs of attending the Christmas fair, the force on their official Facebook page shared the caption wording: “This week PCSO Gareth participated at the Christmas Fair at Arran Hall School Rhydymain, near Dolgellau, where he met with the pupils and staff.”

“It was a bright but cold day, and everyone enjoyed the event, which went very well.”

“Many thanks to the staff and pupils for their kind invitation!”

Recently the North Police Force’s Public Community Support Officers, Lona and Elliw, conducted patrols across the rural communities in Gwynedd South.


As per the update shared by the official Facebook page of Gwynedd South Police, both officers patrol the streets of Gwynedd South to ensure the safety and security of people living across the area.

The Police, while sharing this piece of information, also added that it is hard for forced to find anything suspicious during the middle of the night.

Gwynedd South Police urged people across Gwynedd South to take care of their high-value items and lock all vehicles so that opportunists or any thief could not be able to handle anything.

Police advised people across the area to report immediately if they saw anything suspicious happening across the region.

Gwynedd South Police added, “In the dark, it can be harder to spot anyone acting suspiciously.

 Make sure to secure high-value items and lock all vehicles so opportunists cannot take anything.”

“If you see any suspicious behaviour, please report it immediately to the Police.”

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