Salvation Army UK and Ireland Territory urges Gov to prioritise issue of homelessness


The Salvation Army United Kingdom and the Ireland Territory raised their concern about the people who live in harsh conditions and are forced to sleep rough. They also urged the Government to take action to prioritise their immediate need for housing.

The Salvation Army United Kingdom and the Ireland Territory is a UK-based non-governmental Organisation which aims to serve the lives of the vulnerable sections of society and to resolve their conflicts.


Recently, the Salvation Army has raised their concern about the people who are forced to sleep rough, sometimes for years, because the law doesn’t deem them to be in priority need of housing. This injustice must end if the Government wants to make good on its promise to End Rough Sleeping.

While considering the issue of homelessness, the Director of Homelessness Services under the Salvation Army United Kingdom, Rick Admore, also expressed his concern.

He added, “If you don’t have a roof over your head, then it stands to reason that you desperately need housing. So, it’s unbelievable that people living on the streets without proper shelter or sanitation and at high risk of illness and injury are not deemed a priority by legislation and being denied council accommodation.”

Further, while raising this issue to its solution, the Salvation Army added, “We understand that public services are currently under substantial financial pressure, but leaving needy people on the streets and in harm’s way is unacceptable. It’s for the Government to ensure local authorities have the funding they need to make good on its manifesto promise to end rough sleeping.”

They also urged the Government to take urgent action now and add those forced to sleep rough to the priority needs list for housing.

“You can find out more about our homelessness work on our website,” the salvation army added.



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