Saint Lucia becomes first choice of people for honeymoon


Saint Lucia: Travel lovers always have a dream of experiencing heaven and exploring new and stunning destinations with the most idyllic settings to arouse their wanderlust.

Travellers love being welcomed by a fascinating paradise with a dazzling azure sky, marvellous white sand beaches, and hypnotic lofty palm groves. Such a pleasing feel is offered by the Caribbean country – Saint Lucia, which is known for its outstanding features such as golden sands and beautiful palm beaches.


Saint Lucia is one of the favourite destinations for travellers, and people love to roam Saint Lucia coconut palm trees, astonishing waterfalls, coral reefs, picturesque fishing towns, incredible nature trails, and therapeutic hot springs, to name a few.

Because of these mesmerizing and eye-catching beauty features, Saint Lucia was awarded the 28th Annual World Travel Awards as “Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination”. This win was the beautiful island’s eighth consecutive win in the region and twelfth across the globe.

The special award was received by the Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information of Saint Lucia, Dr Ernest Hilaire, who proudly glorified the country and stated, “Romance continues to be the essence of Saint Lucia.

This award reflects the strength and determination of people and the results of the hard work of all our tourism authorities.” He then added that for 13 years, this award endorsed all Saint Lucia offers as a romantic destination.

The Chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), Nicholas John, while lauding the country and tourism authorities, highlighted, “This award places Saint Lucia in a class of its own in terms of honeymoons and romance. Being regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world is indeed a milestone, but surpassing them all is an even bigger achievement.” “The award is truly something to be proud of, as Saint Lucia’s beautiful scenery is a natural setting for romance. The tourism industry of the country has worked hard to continue to lead the way during the Pandemic,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), Thaddeus M Antoine, mentioned and added honour to the achievement.

Alluring beauty, romantic appeal, diverse culture, verdant landscapes, delightful people – all of these are available in Saint Lucia. Couples will be dazzled by the ultra-luxurious and lavish resorts surrounded by lush green mountains. Despite being a small state, Saint Lucia is a place for all couples who are finding a romantic getaway. Saint Lucia is surrounded by wind, sandy beaches as well as stunning and turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Apart from beaches, the country is also popular for tropical rainforests and mountains.


Apart from its beauty, Saint Lucia is a choice for couples for the honeymoon because it offers to stay at ultra-luxurious resorts such as Ladera Resort, Jade Mountain, Royal Resort and Spa, Fond Doux Plantation & Resort, Coconut Bay Beach Resort, BodyHoliday, Capella Marigot Bay Resort, The Landings Resort and Spa, Cap Maison Luxury Resort and Spa Sandals Grande Saint Lucian and many more.

1) Jade Mountain: The resort is located on the south-western coastline of Saint Lucia. The rooms of this lavish resort are called “sanctuaries,” guests can choose between Galaxy, Sun, Moon or Sky sanctuary. The couples can make a choice between the Caribbean culinary experience and a dining venue with unforgettable views, or they can take a meal in their sanctuary with the assistance of 24-hour service. The exquisite resort also offers spa treatments to couples. Jade Mountain is featured with infinity pools overlooking the mountains, oceans and the beach below.

Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia
Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia

2) Fond Doux Plantation and Resort: It is a 19th centaury’s small yet eco-friendly resort. Doux Resort, located on a 250-year-old plantation, is an ideal location for romantic couples. The resort provides stay at 15 cottages and has two on-site restaurants with a la carte lunch and dinner made with local and fresh ingredients.

Fond Doux Plantation and Resort
Fond Doux Plantation and Resort

3) Capella Marigot Bay: The resort is nestled against the water with a backdrop of Saint Lucian rainforests; it is an idyllic and serene resort surrounded by glistening waters and tropical gardens. The guests entering the resort can choose a stay in around 124 different suites. The resort provides a unique dining experience to the couples as it utilizes local ingredients from local fishermen and farmers.

Capella Marigot Bay in Saint Lucia
Capella Marigot Bay in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia government and tourism authority have been working persistently to retain the top position and are doing as much as they can to attract couples as well as families to come and stay in this intimate yet beautiful country. The government of Saint Lucia has been wisely using the funds from the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) to develop the different sectors of the country and attract tourists.

Launched in 2016, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is the newest in the Caribbean Region. Saint Lucia performed exceptionally well in the CBI Index 2021 of PWM Magazine of Financial Times. The Citizenship by Investment Programme helps an investor in becoming a global citizen as it provides access to more than 70 percent of the world, it also provides countless business opportunities. The CIP is known for the strong, robust and vigorous due diligence check, and to perform the same, an independent third-party firm scrutinizes the application.

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia
Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia provides the following benefits, including:

  • Makes the investor a global citizen.
  • Assists the applicant in portfolio diversification and wealth planning.
  • Helps in expanding business overseas.
  • Provides citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations.
  • Gives an opportunity to spend the rest of their life in a peaceful and safe environment.

The investor can apply for the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia via the following steps:

Step 1: Completion of the application by applicants.

Step 2: Submit the application at the CIP Portal

Step 3: The Documents are then verified by the CIP Unit and undergo a strong due-                        diligence process.

Step 4: The board decides on the selection and rejection of the application.

Step 5: The certification is the last process of the application.


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