Russians living uncertain and traumatic life in Putin’s governance


What if a country’s people are living a life of uncertainty where the government fails to create favourable policies for its compatriots and the government fails to assume a well-governed and internationally recognized state. The people of that particular country face inadequate falls for lousy governance and failed policies.

Many countries suffer from failures and weak, incompetent and abusive national authority structures. The people living in such countries are living a life of risks where the political system is paralyzed, and the officials are acting like puppets.


Similar suffering has been faced by Russian after President Vladimir Putin ordered to invade Ukraine. Due to the ongoing war, Many foreign countries are imposing sanctions on Putin’s Russia; as a result, nationals are facing huge rejections worldwide.

However, they are unable to explore opportunities worldwide. To date, at least 41 countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, and large sanctions are being imposed due to Putin’s deeds.

As per the media reports, the European Union has imposed a series of sanctions on Russia; concerning these, Russian nationals are facing huge losses, and all the work of import and export is banned. Russians are not allowed to expand their business in foreign nations; not only inside the country but the people residing outside Russia are being dealt with hatred and envy.

According to the information provided by the sources, people’s interest is divided into two parts. One is those who support Putin’s policies against war-torn Ukraine, and the other opposes Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his ideologies. By following the media reports, Russians are searching for methods to leave Russia. People who raise their voices against Putin’s government are either jailed or killed by the Russian administration.

Moreover, Putin’s government is blamed for violating the human rights of residents and citizens as it has been prohibiting them from expressing their views against or in favour of the government’s policies. Due to this reason, many Russians are leaving the country to live in a peaceful, safe as well as secure environment. But as a result of the western sanctions, Russians are not allowed to take refugees and asylum in foreign nations, and they are left with zero facilities and opportunities.

Various immigration analysis organizations have revealed that more than 50% of Russians have fled from the country since February 2022. People who are left behind are also looking for sources to leave the country.



While reviewing the reports of Russian impacts, “Rusian people are afraid of talking openly about their problems, they are afraid of being targetting and criticized, but despite that, they decided to speak up because they felt to do so”, a Russian spokesperson emphasized.

Russia invaded Ukraine at 6 am, and now Russia is trying to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty, although we cannot understand why it is happening. We are shocked with the traumatic conditions Russian students mentioned.

The whole situation has created more concerns about the future, carrier and safety; people expect a secure and free life. Visa travel to Russian nations has been terminated due to numerous restrictions.

European Union has declared a complete shutdown for the Russian nationals; people who attempt to fly away from the country are left with zero choices to take shelter or rescue themselves. They are forced to live in a suffocating atmosphere. That is near to death.

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, 43, now living in exile, is afraid to return to Russia with her two children, 11 and 17, for fear of being thrown straight into jail.

“It’s a really, very hard situation for me. I had never expected such things after my protest.” Marina Ovsyannikova said.

She was detained and questioned for around 14 hours before being released and ordered to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles ($280). But under draconian new laws, she could face further prosecution, risking years in prison.

Russians are living now in an absolute vacuum. A Russian protester said that they don’t have true information because every independent media in Russia is blocked now.

President Putin informed about the country’s food crisis as the food market is unbalanced in a particular way. Putin accused Western countries, in particular the United States, of “destabilizing global agricultural production” with restrictions on the delivery of fertilizer from Russia and Belarus and by “making it difficult” for Moscow to export grain, millions of tonnes of wheat and other grains are currently stuck in Ukrainian ports.

Alternative Citizenship for Russian Nationals:

Russian people should be allowed to switch and spend their life in a safe, peaceful and secure environment so they can have a free life despite the Russian government. Numerous countries worldwide are offering citizenship through their various statutory programmes.

Many island nations offer economic citizenship, under which an investor may apply for the citizenship of the country by investing in the social-economic citizenship. The citizenship by investment programme helps the citizens live a happy and free life.

The CBI Programme will enable the Russian to access various countries. CBI Programme will mainly favour them to provide peace, leisure and liberty. Russians who are torn by Putin’s war can spend the life of their dreams and further pursue their studies and carrier. The citizenship by investment programme will throw the sword of uncertainty.

For instance, Caribbean countries offer citizenship by investment programme where an individual has to make a financial investment in government projects. The applicant will be given alternative citizenship regardless of their colour, language and nationality.

CBI Programme of Caribbean countries conducts 10-year background checks of an applicant via the due diligence procedure. The checks are conducted by an independent third-party firm. The agency probe the life history of the applicant. These background checks include birth, study, criminal, professional, tax details, legitimacy of money and some other checks.

CBI Programme offered by these countries grants visa-free travel to numerous countries, including those states which hold a neutral stand for both Russia and Ukraine. Russians nowadays seek security and certainty for their families, and CBI Programme is the best option for them to get rid of the Russian government.

By holding the alternative citizenship of these countries, the Russian individuals can get global mobility and diversify their wealth by expanding their business in foreign countries, which will secure the future of themselves and their families. Economic citizenship is the last option for them to start a new and free life.

Politicians worldwide have different opinions about the Russian war with Ukraine, and they call it a horror story where ordinary people are dragged into this political drama. The war has created catastrophic situations and devastation, where Putin’s false ideology is harassing innocent people to undermine Ukraine.

The war should end soon because innocent people are left with a traumatic situation; they should choose how to have a happy and prosperous life.

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