Russia Is Forced to Bring Its Cold War Tanks in Ukraine’s Conflict


Russia is running out of modern tanks in the ongoing Ukraine conflict. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 to annex it, a battle broke out. However, the invasion did not go as planned, and Russia was forced to bolster its armoured forces with tanks from its Cold War stockpiles. This is because Ukraine could destroy or seize hundreds of Russia’s best tanks during the first few months of combat.

The T-72s, already several decades old, were the primary tanks used by Russia at the outset of the conflict. Although newer tanks have also been used, they haven’t been as frequently as T-72s. Military advisers had forewarned Putin before the start of the battle that if the Russian military wasn’t used to its full potential during the initial invasion, problems could arise later. This is precisely what happened, as Ukrainian forces’ use of hit-and-run strategies allowed them to capture Russian tanks and use them for their purposes in addition to destroying them.


The situation Russia is in is highlighted by a video of a vintage Soviet-era T-62 tank appearing over the hill in Ukraine and being destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers. Given that Russia has 10,000 tanks in storage, many of which are newer than the T-62s, it is surprising that this tank is still in use on the front lines. It also needs to be updated. The T-64s, T-72s, T-80s, and T-90s are some of the more recent tanks that need extensive repairs due to long-term neglect.

The T-62 tank has a simple design, which allows it to be used for decades without much maintenance. However, more advanced tanks developed later are no longer in working condition. This is a source of embarrassment for Russia.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for almost a year, and it’s clear that Russia is struggling to keep up with modern warfare tactics used by Ukraine. It has resulted in many deaths and significant damage to both countries. Both sides should resolve peacefully to end the conflict.

Russia is using outdated tanks in Ukraine because their initial invasion did not go as planned, and Ukrainian forces have been able to destroy or capture many of Russia’s modern tanks. These newer tanks are in poor condition and require extensive repairs, leaving Russia with no choice but to rely on their Cold War stockpiles of tanks like the T-62s. The war has caused significant loss of life and damage to both countries, and a peaceful resolution is needed.


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