Rishi Sunak terms China as major threat to UK


UK: The leading PM contender Rishi Sunak has termed the superpower China as a major threat to global and domestic security and vowed stern impositions upon China upon being elected as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

This came after the other leading contender in the PM race, Liz Truss, accused him of being incapable of handling international issues with Russia and China.


China previously had appreciated Sunak as they described him as the only candidate in the race to be the next PM who had clear and pragmatic views towards developing and strengthening the relations between UK and China.

Sunak has proposed the shutdown of all 30 Confucius Institutions in the United Kingdom with an intention to curb the spread of Chinese influence and culture through these institutions and language programs.

Also, a promise to expel the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) out of universities in the United Kingdom was made by the former finance minister, Sunak. These universities shall be forced to disclose the foreign funding of more than £50,000 ($60,000) and review research partnerships.

Additionally, the domestic spy agency MI 5 shall be deployed to combat Chinese espionage in the country. A NATO-like international cooperation to battle the cyber threats is also being visioned to be constituted in the forthcoming days.

Sunak has accused China of accusing of stealing technology and infiltrating the universities, and terrifying its neighbour ‘Taiwan’.

 He took a dig at China’s ‘Belt and Road’, the policy of trapping developing countries under debt. Moreover, revelations about China detaining and torturing their own citizens in Xinjiang and Hongkong have been made by Sunak in his latest statements.


Sunak is currently pushing hard to secure his position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and these pledges came in response to Truss’s remarks over his incapability to handle international affairs.



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